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why buy chinese smartphones

Why Buy Chinese Smartphones?

My first Xiaomi phone was the Mi Mix 2. A cutting edge nearly full display phone that gearbest.com helped me get my hands on last year, And that I abandoned reviewing after spending four hours Fighting with bootloader unlocking crap in an attempt to load the English ROM on it Only to find out that Xiaomi HAD a BLOODY ENGLISH VERSION coming a couple weeks later. Anyway, the Mi Mix 2s, so called for it’s speedier snapdragon 845 Processor, presumably is better across the board anyway Including the out-of-the-box support for English But I still can’t figure out why Anybody in this hemisphere is buying premium phones from brands like Xiaomi Is there something on the surface that I am missing here? Glass backed phones are back in vogue now to enable wireless charging but as hard as you might try a glass back will never feel as premium nor be as durable as this And after a similar amount of time in my pocket.

My OnePlus 6 is noticeably more scuffed up and It’s packed full of all the right hardware supporting the latest generation Snapdragon 845 processor up to eight gigs of RAM up to 256 gigs of non expandable storage blah blah blah blah blah So it’s super fast. I think you guys get the point and the price is right too lining up right across the OnePlus 6 as a Flagship grade phone for hundreds of dollars less than you would pay a Tier 1 like Apple or Samsung and it’s got lightning-fast fingerprint unlocking, (which is awesome) the ability to choose between button based or gesture based navigation and even wireless charging which as we outlined in our video recently has the potential, when used properly, To improve the lifespan of your non removable, but respectably sized 3400 mAH battery So, uh Wait, why was I so down on this thing a couple of minutes ago? I still can’t figure out why Anybody in this hemisphere is buying premium phones from brands, like Xiaomi. That seems kind of unfair doesn’t it? I mean even the dual rear camera Absolutely blows away previous generation efforts from Chinese phone makers like this low-light shot here does have more noise than any other camera that I tested but it avoids the over sharpening of the Mate 10 Pro and the undesirable flaring of the Galaxy S9 so I mean at least Xiaomi isn’t actively processing the image to make it worse And then in this challenging situation the Mi Mix 2s ends up Noisier than Samsung and with less true-to-life colors from the OnePlus 6 But, it looks better than both the iPhone 10 and the Pixel 2 XL and under ideal conditions You can get some really nice images out of it So let’s talk about some of the weaknesses of the Mi Mix 2s the earpiece speaker Isn’t amplified for stereo sound.

There’s no water resistance, at least nothing officially IP rated, 1080p slo-mo only goes to 120 fps rather than 240 The display is IPS rather than OLED which means almost no potential for burn-in but at the cost of ambient or always-on technology and There is no headphone jack So you will need to pull out an adapter every time you want to watch My Little Pony at the back of the bus without anybody finding out. So all that is kind of a drag, but again, it’s hundreds of dollars less for top spec hardware and It’s got no display notch so I can accept that stuff even if I don’t like all of it The part that is unforgivable is the software MIUI is like going back in time To when Samsung still thought that having a bunch of bloat in there… Okay Well, that’s Samsung still has a lot of bloat in there.

So um Okay, whatever in Xiaomi’s defense Some of the stuff that they include is legitimately useful like a screen recorder app and a quick link to my downloads But there were just so many annoying things that I ran into that ground my gears from having in my pocket for two weeks Let’s take Google Hangouts. If I got a message an hour ago, but left it unread because I wanted to deal with it later Every new message that I get or even opening up another conversation. Sometimes will make it pop up again Why? Um, when I create a folder on the homescreen It doesn’t pull up the keyboard automatically for me to start typing Why? the included weather app wants access to my PHONE? for some reason when all it should need is my location not to mention that it cannot be removed or even hidden so you have to create a useless crap folder iOS style There’s no obvious way to expand a notification from the lockscreen and reply to it Which is good for security, but I would like to at least have the option for my convenience I can’t install Netflix off the App Store the workaround seems to be to track down the apk and install it manually It wakes the screen for notifications, which is nice But not when you lift the phone something that I’ve come to take for granted these days and there is no hardware button to launch the camera Yuck now taken individually every one of those things would seem like a pretty Insignificant little gripe and there are things that their software does reasonably well so their screenshot management, something that I use a lot, blows OnePluses out of the water and a separate account for another user Is super handy if I want to give the phone to my kids But I don’t want them accessing all my stuff.

The bottom line though, is that This device was annoying to use for me and not just compared to a flagship one like the S9+ Compared to other devices that cost the same Xiaomi would do well to take a page out of OnePlus’s book on the software side of things. There isn’t really such a thing as Stock Android anymore. I mean even Google’s own Pixel lineup customizes stock Android but they would do well to try to get a lot closer because the hardware and the design are Already really impressive. So I’m looking forward to seeing continued improvement Speaking of improvement The only thing that could improve this video is this message from our sponsor Corsair.

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