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Shopping in OSAKA – Top 6 places

Most of the people think that Singapore is the ultimate shopping destination but if you really want to do some serious shopping then fly directly to Osaka, the shopping capital of Japan. There are several popular shopping destinations in Osaka where you can shop to your heart’s content without compromising with anything.

But to find the right shopping destination in a busy place like Osaka can be very troublesome; hence, here are top six places where you can do justice to your passion of shopping.

Top 6 Places to Shop in Osaka

  • Umeda


Though the city is primarily famous for its Umeda Sky building from where you can get a glimpse of the eloquent view of the city but Umeda is also home to the largest underground mall solely dedicated to shopping known as the Whity Umeda. The shopping complex completed its 50th anniversary in 2013 and has been renovated recently to make it more customers friendly.

Although it was previously known as the Umechika but later the name was changed to Whity Umeda which means white city. More than 400,000 people visit the complex on a daily basis and you can also quench your culinary cravings on the west side of the underground complex, where several multi-cuisine restaurants are located. There is also a popular meeting place on the eastern side called ‘Izumi-no-hiraba’ which boasts a magnificent fountain that boasts both your ears and eyes with the beautiful show of lighting and the soothing sound of water.

  • Namba District


If you have a deep passion for shopping then the Namba district is the place that you need to visit next. The northern part of the district is run by the famous Shinbashi-Suji where you will get a drool-worthy collection of designer clothing. Next to Shinbashi is the Midosuji Boulevard where the posh stores like Apple, Nike, Addidas are located. There is another important street in the Namba district called the Dotombori which is the home to some finest restaurants where you can rejuvenate your taste buds with the best culinary dishes.

  • Den Den Town


This is the perfect destination for all the gadget freaks who like to take home all the latest gadgets. Travelling in Japan and not buying any electronic gadget from Den Den town is like visiting Paris but not seeing the Eiffel tower. The town is at a walking distance from both the Ebisucho and Nipponbashi station. The prices in the stores are highly negotiable. Moreover, there are few stores whose products are duty or tax-free. There also some Gundam two-storied stores where you will get all the science fiction stuff as well as the giant robots.

  • American Town


It is a haven for all the shoppers who want to bag the trendy clothes at inexpensive rates. There are more than 3000 shops selling most fashionable clothing at very low price. And there are some extravagant restaurants and cafes where you can rest a bit to recharge your shopping spirit.

  • Tennoji

Tennoji is also one of the famous shopping destinations in the district of Osaka. There are seven top malls where you can buy anything you want to fulfill your desires. Moreover, there is a large park nearby which has its own zoological garden as well as the art museum which are worth visiting.

However,  there are few problems that foreigners face since the Japanese people mostly do not speak English and have a shorter and a more petite shape but if you can get past those problems then there is no better shopping destination in the world than Osaka.