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Foreign Foodies: Yakitori

In this series, we get reviewers from various countries to taste traditional Japanese dishes and capture their reactions. For this round of “Foreign Foodies”, we chose “Yakitori” (Japanese Meat Skewers).

Yakitori on a stick! Will foreigners like it?

[Left] Marco Marrero from Venezuela:

“I am from Caracas. I like oven roasted chicken. I think the Yakitori sauce is salty”

[Middle] Fostin Drae from France:

“I am from Paris. My favorite chicken dish is Rotisserie Chicken. Yakitori sauce is good”

[Right] Chai Tape Larongchai From Thailand:

“I am from Bangkok. In Thailand, chicken wings and guyan are classics. Japanese yakitori are savoury.”

【Entry No. 1 】

Family Mart

Charcoal Barbecued Chicken Skin

Price: 128 yen ($1.15)

This Yakitori has soy sauce dressing on the chicken skin, which gives it an umami taste. The amount of fat on the skin is just right.

【Rating based on a total of 15 points】

Mr. Marco: 4.0 / 5

Mr. Fostin: 2.5 / 5

Chai Tape: 3.0 / 5

→ total = 9.5 / 15.0

“It was the first time I’ve eaten the skin on its own, it was too soft and the seasoning wass pretty bad” (Fostin)

“It has a greasy texture, I wish it was more crispy” (Marco)

【Entry No. 2 】

Family Mart

Charcoal grilled fried rice cracker sauce

Price: 128 yen ($1.15 USD)

This charcoal grilled fried rice has chicken wings and breast meat. The taste is rich and the chicken is succulent.

【Rating based on a total of 15 points】

Mr. Marco: 4.0 / 5.0

Mr. Fostin: 5.0 /5.0

Chai Tape: 5.0 / 5.0

→ total = 14.0 / 15.0

“This is my first time eating this, but it’s juicy and good. Even though it was salty, this is perfect for me!” (Chai Tape)

“Somewhat too rich for me, I’m a bit fussy” (Marco)

【Entry No. 3】

Family Mart

Chicken meatball skewer sauce (with cartilage)

Price: 135 yen($1.21USD)

The texture is great and the filling is juicy. It’s a bit salty when consumed with sour sauce.

【Rating based on a total of 15 points】

Mr. Mark: 5.0 / 5.0

Mr. Fostin: 4.5 / 5.0

Chai Tape: 4.0 / 5.0

→ total = 13.5 / 15.0

“It has a good taste” (Fostin)

“It’s delicious, it’s too big, is it better to have 4 smaller meatballs than 3 giant meatballs?” (Chai Tape)

【Entry No. 4 】

Family Mart

Charcoal grilled roast fried thigh salt

Price: 128 yen ($1.15)

This yakitori is made from fresh meat. The seasoning is good and salty.

【Rating based on a total of 15 points】

Mr. Mark: 5.0

Mr. Fostin: 4.0

Chai Tape: 4.0

→ total = 13.0 / 15.0

“This is my favorite, with a perfect balance of sweet and savory! ” (Mr. Mark)

“I like the sauce, so it is a perfect score if this had a saucy taste, but the meat is delicious as well!” (Fostine)

Final Thoughts

“This is the first time I ate the non-crispy skin.” (Mr. Larongchai)

All three of them agreed that eating only the chicken skin seems unusual.

“Although it was a bit salty, I like this sauce of Tsuneko because it is not sticky and the cartilage was also delicious!” (Mr. Mark)

“I like the grilled chicken with plenty of sauce, it was delicious and the fresh meat was perfect.” (Fostine)

Based on today’s simple test, It seems that the Japanese style Chicken Skewer is well loved all over the world.

The Popular Dish

The participants today highlighted that it is unusual in Japan to eat the parts of a chicken separately. I too was surprised by the taste of Furin and found it really delicious. This item comes in limited quantity, so grab them while you can!


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