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Amazon Dash Button Review – Should you get it?

Amazon have come up with something pretty cool for your everyday life called Amazon Dash. But should you invest in it? Let’s find out, if it is awesome enough for you to spend money on it.

The concept is simple. We use products like soap, tea, pet products and other items that is consumed on a daily basis and we run out of it. Amazon doesn’t want you to suffer without it or have to run to the store to get it. As part of Amazon Prime, you can click this button and you’ll get notified on your Amazon app and you immediately agree and it gets delivered to you on priority basis.

The Price of the Amazon Dash Button : $4.99

The Usefulness of the Button

It’s an easy to use button. It also acts as a reminder, which is good, because it’s easy to forget about things like washing powder and what not. It’s small and doesn’t take too much space.

It saves a considerable amount of time. You also get a credit of $4.99 to buy other products.

The Cons of the Dash

Too many Dash buttons: Why are there so many dash buttons? Having to buy 15 dash buttons for different products can be a bit annoying. It costs $5, when it should be available for free with the prime membership.

Does the Dash provide a huge value? Can we make do without the dash? An overwhelming yes. It doesn’t do much. It’s just a button that sits next to your product and you anyway have to go to your phone to make the confirmation. You can just go straight to the app and do it. Or you can go to the store nearby and get it as well.

How can the Amazon Dash be Improved?

The dash button should be more of a dashboard with all your products in it. It makes sense to buy 2 or 3 products together. That’s how grocery shopping is generally done. It should be free for prime members as well.

The Amazon Dash button is a good attempt by Amazon to get into the house of the user, but it doesn’t add too much value. Especially if you have to Invest $100 to get all the dash buttons.

The answer to the question, Should you Buy? The answer is “Up to you”.

The reason for this is, It’s not to do too much with money, but it’s to do with the value it provides. It isn’t a 10x advantage. It also clutters your home with too many buttons. It also doesn’t work that well, if you have to change the product you are purchasing.

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